BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[core] adjust http_chunk read() retry loopGlenn Strauss6 days
personal/gstrauss/master[core] adjust http_chunk read() retry loopGlenn Strauss6 days
personal/stbuehler/1.4.48-mod-proxy-fix[mox_proxy] copy patched config data to gw contextStefan Bühler9 months
personal/stbuehler/cleanup-build[WIP] build systems cleanupStefan Bühler19 months
personal/stbuehler/fix-fdevent[core] poll: fdarray uses fd as index, not fde_ndxStefan Bühler3 months
personal/stbuehler/mod-csrf[mod_csrf] module to aid against csrf attacksStefan Bühler20 months
personal/stbuehler/mod-csrf-old[mod_csrf] module to aid against csrf attacksStefan Bühler3 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.53.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss4 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.52.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss6 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.51.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss7 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.50.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss9 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.49.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss14 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.48.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss18 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.47.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss19 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.46.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss19 months  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.45.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss2 years  lighttpd1.4-lighttpd-1.4.44.tar.gz  Glenn Strauss2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 days[core] adjust http_chunk read() retry loopHEADpersonal/gstrauss/mastermasterGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
10 days[mod_magnet] expose server addr (local IP) to luaGlenn Strauss1-0/+33
11 days[core] use high precision stat timestamp on OS XGlenn Strauss1-0/+4
11 days[tests] skip mod-secdownload HMAC-SHA1,HMAC-SHA256Glenn Strauss1-0/+11
11 days[tests] has_feature() helper funcGlenn Strauss1-0/+13
11 days[core] buffer_reset() should not be passed NULLGlenn Strauss1-6/+4
11 days[core] chunkqueue perf: read small files into memGlenn Strauss3-6/+45
11 days[core] chunkqueue perf: skip opening 0-length fileGlenn Strauss1-3/+11
11 days[core] chunkqueue perf: specialized buffer.h funcsGlenn Strauss1-9/+20
11 days[core] chunkqueue perf: code reuseGlenn Strauss5-99/+50