3355 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Glenn Strauss d2d5f27f80 [core] chunkqueue_compact_mem() must upd cq->last 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 346280fed7 [mod_proxy] do not forward Expect: 100-continue 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 8b4abaf498 [mod_webdav] fix fallback if linkat() fails 1 month ago
  Jeff Zignego 3470919212 Add avahi service file under doc/avahi/ 1 month ago
  Stefan Bühler 5515bb2a08 scons: fix check environment 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss e012705b43 [build] SCons fix space/tabs inconsistency 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss eb4f953396 [build] avoid accept_filter_arg compiler warning 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss cea7e92157 [build] SCons brotli needs pkg-config --static 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss f358f04bdc [build] SCons build mod_deflate w/ libm for brotli 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 17b378c00e [build] SCons build with brotli needs -lm on *BSD 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss abfa915d97 [build] fix SCons build for detection of brotli 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 4663564c8a [mod_authn_dbi,mod_authn_mysql] fix coverity issue 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 7bc7082d32 [mod_extforward] attempt to quiet Coverity warning 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 4a1960958a [core] add some missing standard includes 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss b2d7635801 [mod_webdav] fix inadvertent string truncation 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 0fb391c096 [core] http_header_remove_token() 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss d44a26bfa3 [tests] test_base64.c clear buf vs reset 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss f7919c1ae3 [mod_proxy] send HTTP/1.1 requests to backends 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss c3073b4da6 [core] stricter parsing of POST chunked block hdr 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 9ca668c870 [mod_fastcgi] decode Transfer-Encoding: chunked 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 7420526ddb [core] decode Transfer-Encoding: chunked from gw 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss dbd438cca0 [mod_openssl] read secret data w/ BIO_new_mem_buf 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 4b755d2b03 [mod_deflate] quicker check for Content-Encoding 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 496dc6d9c5 [core] detect and reject TLS connect to cleartext 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 87428818a1 [mod_nss] func renames for consistency 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 33c8cf41db [multiple] rename connection_reset hook to request 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss bb6a5d7821 [core] separate funcs to reset (request_st *) 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 164f7600b7 [multiple] con hooks store ctx in con->plugin_ctx 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss fea5bdc873 [core] con layer plugin_ctx separate from request 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 5f7bf472c7 [core] server.feature-flags extensible config 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 5d7071293a [build] add --with-brotli to CI build 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss bc5d4b3492 [mod_compress] remove mod_compress 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss de9e2f9881 [tests] mod_compress -> mod_deflate 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 672891a7d6 [doc] mod_compress -> mod_deflate 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 8dd33a72dd [mod_deflate] mod_deflate subsumes mod_compress 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss be6da785c5 [mod_deflate] deflate.cache-dir compressed cache 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 5b15c1f449 [mod_deflate] propagate errs from internal funcs 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss b2fe37f0a9 [mod_deflate] fix typo in config option 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss f47ffb438c [build] bzip2 default to not-enabled in build 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 8d5e237c60 [mod_deflate] Brotli support 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss be8047d82f [build] build fixes for AIX 2 months ago
  Stefan Bühler 5722574df5 move ci-build.sh to scripts 2 months ago
  Stefan Bühler 852de34113 add ci-build.sh 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 1a516b4c4c [mod_vhostdb_dbi] allow strings and ints in config 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 3dca923591 [mod_authn_mysql,file] use crypt() to save stack 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss fed2ecae19 [mod_authn_dbi] authn backend employing DBI 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss dba4a328c2 [core] Nettle assert()s if buffer len > digest sz 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss c3dd167dd9 [mod_openssl] fix build warnings on MacOS X 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 33ae830291 [mod_auth] accept "nonce-secret" & "nonce_secret" 2 months ago
  Glenn Strauss 563fe5f013 [mod_authn_ldap,mod_vhostdb_ldap] add timeout opt (#2805) 2 months ago