FastCGI application to run cgi applications
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fcgi-cgi is a FastCGI application to run normal cgi applications. It doesn't
make CGI applications faster, but it allows you to run them on a different
host and with different user permissions (without the need for suexec).

lighttpd2 won't have a mod_cgi, so you need this FastCGI wrapper to be able
to execute standard cgi applications like mailman and cgit.

fcgi-cgi is released under the `MIT license <>`_


Examples for spawning a fcgi-cgi instance with daemontools or runit::

# run script

exec spawn-fcgi -n -s /var/run/fastcgi-cgi.sock -u www-default -U www-data -- /usr/bin/fcgi-cgi

Build dependencies

* glib >= 2.16.0 (
* libev (
* cmake or autotools (for snapshots/releases the autotool generated files are included)


* snapshot/release with autotools::


* build from git: ``git clone git://``

* with autotools::


* with cmake (should work with snapshots/releases too)::

cmake .