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#include "xcache.h"
#include "xc_compatibility.h"
typedef zend_op_array *(zend_compile_file_t)(zend_file_handle *h, int type TSRMLS_DC);
typedef struct _xc_compilererror_t {
int type;
uint lineno;
int error_len;
char *error;
} xc_compilererror_t;
typedef struct _xc_compile_result_t {
zend_op_array *op_array;
HashTable *function_table;
HashTable *class_table;
} xc_compile_result_t;
xc_compile_result_t *xc_compile_result_init(xc_compile_result_t *cr,
zend_op_array *op_array,
HashTable *function_table,
HashTable *class_table);
void xc_compile_result_free(xc_compile_result_t *cr);
xc_compile_result_t *xc_compile_result_init_cur(xc_compile_result_t *cr, zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC);
/* apply func */
int xc_apply_op_array(xc_compile_result_t *cr, apply_func_t applyer TSRMLS_DC);
int xc_undo_pass_two(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC);
int xc_redo_pass_two(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC);
int xc_fix_opcode(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC);
int xc_undo_fix_opcode(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC);
zend_uchar xc_get_fixed_opcode(zend_uchar opcode, int line);
typedef void (*xc_foreach_early_binding_class_cb)(zend_op *opline, int oplineno, void *data TSRMLS_DC);
int xc_foreach_early_binding_class(zend_op_array *op_array, xc_foreach_early_binding_class_cb callback, void *data TSRMLS_DC);
/* installer */
void xc_install_constant(ZEND_24(NOTHING, const) char *filename, zend_constant *constant, zend_uchar type, const24_zstr key, uint len, ulong h TSRMLS_DC);
void xc_install_function(ZEND_24(NOTHING, const) char *filename, zend_function *func, zend_uchar type, const24_zstr key, uint len, ulong h TSRMLS_DC);
ZESW(xc_cest_t *, void) xc_install_class(ZEND_24(NOTHING, const) char *filename, xc_cest_t *cest, int oplineno, zend_uchar type, const24_zstr key, uint len, ulong h TSRMLS_DC);
typedef zend_bool (*xc_if_func_t)(void *data);
void xc_hash_copy_if(HashTable *target, HashTable *source, copy_ctor_func_t pCopyConstructor, void *tmp, uint size, xc_if_func_t checker);
void xc_zend_constant_ctor(zend_constant *c);
void xc_zend_constant_dtor(zend_constant *c);
void xc_copy_internal_zend_constants(HashTable *target, HashTable *source);
int xc_do_early_binding(zend_op_array *op_array, HashTable *class_table, int oplineno TSRMLS_DC);