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Xuefer 3365e394be processor: zend_constant.name uses malloc
git-svn-id: svn://svn.lighttpd.net/xcache/trunk@218 c26eb9a1-5813-0410-bd6c-c2e55f420ca7
17 years ago
dispatch.m4 initial import to online 17 years ago
hashtable.m4 BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix 17 years ago
head.m4 processor: reset refcount to 0 to kill leak warning 17 years ago
main.m4 processor: don't introduce spaces in IF* 17 years ago
processor.m4 processor: zend_constant.name uses malloc 17 years ago
string.m4 PHP_6: builds again with php6. update UChar/void ptr to zstr. 17 years ago
struct.m4 Processor: fix type processor_t conflict with Mac OS X 17 years ago