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Xuefer 3047dcc9a2 merged [405] [407] from trunk: fixed #92, full ZendOptimizer compatibility 16 years ago
Xuefer 197d776677 merged[344] [345] [346] from trunk->1.2: fixed #59: pass by reference for internal function was broken 16 years ago
Xuefer 44428eed6d applied patch from #88, option to disable admin authentication 16 years ago
Xuefer 5230b6047f coverager: new api xcache_coverager_start/xcache_coverager_stop/xcache_coverager_get(), coverager ini changed 16 years ago
Xuefer 8c8465fa26 implement xcache.stat. and reimpl [160] for trunk to fix win32 hash problem 16 years ago
Xuefer 7f8ab2d3d4 fix to compile 16 years ago
Xuefer 114e36343b gc expired items, new ini: xcache.ttl xcache.gc_interval xcache.var_ttl xcache.var_maxttl xcache.var_gc_interval 16 years ago
Xuefer 410691f351 rename coverage -> coverager 17 years ago
Xuefer 4389208e02 initial import to online 17 years ago