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Xuefer 04599ccaeb fix enable_auth name in ini, thanks to nitrox 15 years ago
Xuefer c0cec2b9a5 use xcache.admin.auth instead of xcache.auth, updated NEWS, ini files 15 years ago
Xuefer e80ab3c399 full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on 16 years ago
Xuefer 5230b6047f coverager: new api xcache_coverager_start/xcache_coverager_stop/xcache_coverager_get(), coverager ini changed 16 years ago
Xuefer 1dab8a3eda syn xcache-zh-gb2312.ini with the English version 16 years ago
Xuefer 75bf7c192a fix xcache ini encoding as its filename 16 years ago
Xuefer 1bc08dd7e3 Chinese translation for xcache.ini 16 years ago