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Xuefer 1d3a6722fc processor: ws 16 years ago
Xuefer 2ec9c783a1 processor: fix check_function of DEF_HASH_TABLE_FUNC for dprint 16 years ago
Xuefer 99861b1d3c processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint 16 years ago
Xuefer d519ff2c5a BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix 16 years ago
Xuefer 01bd668358 fix #36, wrong inheriting static class variables 16 years ago
Xuefer 2fe9441b3c refix as in the example from http://www.hardened-php.net/eaccelerator-0.9.3-hash-fix.patch 17 years ago
Xuefer a97a4ef176 patch for hardening-patch 17 years ago
Xuefer d4e09060a2 compatibility fix: remove the using of gnu m4 extension 17 years ago
Xuefer 4389208e02 initial import to online 17 years ago