17 Commits (07183575efa06f2c59303739f45f7bb4c1791ca0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xuefer 07183575ef use vector for objects/object_handles 5 years ago
  Xuefer 30d56bf2d7 code clean up for vector 5 years ago
  Xuefer 4bd347e02b kill some warnings 5 years ago
  Xuefer 5eb6e2f585 cacher: fix recursive object caching, fix multiple object caching (typo of SRC) 5 years ago
  Xuefer 51accff949 fix build for older PHP 5 years ago
  Xuefer 6c397c70ec support for autoload in xcache_get 5 years ago
  Xuefer de6840d14b closes #342: object caching 5 years ago
  Xuefer f664f5a518 merge stack/vector to 1 impl, avoid possible memory leak using malloc 5 years ago
  Xuefer e317146c8b processor: abstract store target (storage) 6 years ago
  Xuefer d19d64546d clean up shm handlers 6 years ago
  Xuefer ec1d554397 relocate: fix for virtual_src=0 6 years ago
  Xuefer ffe43cb799 relocate: update proto to like memcpy/store/restore, update test code 6 years ago
  Xuefer 11bb4f0d07 update func prototype for relocate 6 years ago
  Xuefer dae85e876d improve readability using ptradd 6 years ago
  Xuefer 45e2bfe79d updated relocate impl 6 years ago
  Xuefer 6413478cd7 update relocate 6 years ago
  Xuefer 41b20da882 relocate WIP 6 years ago