26 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xuefer f664f5a518 merge stack/vector to 1 impl, avoid possible memory leak using malloc 6 years ago
  Xuefer 970fd0aa01 kill warning 6 years ago
  Xuefer 708688b3d7 define XCACHE_DEBUG in phpized 6 years ago
  Xuefer 501bbf2e0f adds reflection info for APIs 7 years ago
  Xuefer 02eb6beda4 add back PHP_4 code for disassembler 7 years ago
  Xuefer c7492e6c3a remove php 4 support completely 7 years ago
  Xuefer c6df026c37 fix sign warning 8 years ago
  Xuefer 36ef103274 fix some 64bit warnings 8 years ago
  Xuefer 0d3fc3c020 s/my_/xc_/g 8 years ago
  Xuefer edc0fb1ae9 typo 8 years ago
  Xuefer 01b891c66a fixed #39: ini_set never work for xcache.coverager setting 8 years ago
  Xuefer c5ab33d024 coverager: make it work with cacher enabled 8 years ago
  Xuefer f11b1645f9 coverager: remove useless ifdef 8 years ago
  Xuefer 07c4675cb0 refactor: move htdocs, bin, lib for easier installation 8 years ago
  Xuefer 60acade01e refactor: fall back to more simpler trick 8 years ago
  Xuefer 86e370ebd2 refactor: bring back compatibility with Zend Optimizer 8 years ago
  Xuefer 12e8dc053e refactor: fix c89 compatibility 8 years ago
  Xuefer f653cdb6ea update name for php info 8 years ago
  Xuefer 71a97757ed clean old_compile_file on shutdown 8 years ago
  Xuefer 33c1696965 name clash 8 years ago
  Xuefer 1ee03c9ee4 fix coverager shutdown to restore zend_compile_file correctly 8 years ago
  Xuefer 43c2392a8e refactor: improve build, kill warning 8 years ago
  Xuefer 4064549371 refactor: split extension init to sub module. TODO: compatibility regression 8 years ago
  Xuefer 8e7ab372a0 kill signed warning 8 years ago
  Xuefer 063f9a1fb8 fix win32 build 8 years ago
  Xuefer 5c0dfec523 refactor: fix build for optimizer, use mod_* directories 8 years ago