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2008-11-28The BIG refactoring [tm]. Too many changes to count them. If it doesn't ↵Dirk Engling2-9/+5
suite you, revert to last version.
2008-10-04added live sync codeDirk Engling1-0/+14
added a config file parser added tracker id changed WANT_CLOSED_TRACKER and WANT_BLACKLIST into WANT_ACCESS_WHITE and WANT_ACCESS_BLACK changed WANT_TRACKER_SYNC to WANT_SYNC_BATCH and added WANT_SYNC_LIVE added an option to switch off fullscrapes cleaned up many internal hardcoded values, like PROTO_FLAG,
2007-12-11A simple script that fills up opentracker with some peers, if ↵Dirk Engling1-0/+17