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/* This software was written by Dirk Engling <>
It is considered beerware. Prost. Skol. Cheers or whatever. */
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdint.h>
/* Should be called BYTE, WORD, DWORD - but some OSs already have that and there's no #iftypedef */
/* They mark memory used as data instead of integer or human readable string -
they should be cast before used as integer/text */
typedef uint8_t ot_byte;
typedef uint16_t ot_word;
typedef uint32_t ot_dword;
typedef ot_byte ot_hash[20];
typedef ot_dword ot_ip;
typedef time_t ot_time;
/* Some tracker behaviour tunable */
#define OT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT_SEND (60*15)
/* We maintain a list of 1024 pointers to sorted list of ot_torrent structs
Sort key is, of course, its hash */
#define OT_BUCKET_COUNT 1024
/* Number of tracker admin ip addresses allowed */
#define OT_ADMINIP_MAX 64
#define OT_MAX_THREADS 16
/* This list points to 9 pools of peers each grouped in five-minute-intervals
thus achieving a timeout of 2700s or 45 minutes
These pools are sorted by its binary content */
#define OT_POOLS_COUNT 9
#define OT_POOLS_TIMEOUT (60*5)
/* From opentracker.c */
extern char static_inbuf[8192];
extern char static_outbuf[8192];
extern time_t ot_start_time;
extern time_t g_now;
#define NOW (g_now/OT_POOLS_TIMEOUT)
typedef struct {
ot_byte data[8];
} ot_peer;
static const ot_byte PEER_FLAG_SEEDING = 0x80;
static const ot_byte PEER_FLAG_COMPLETED = 0x40;
static const ot_byte PEER_FLAG_STOPPED = 0x20;
#define OT_SETIP( peer, ip ) memmove((peer),(ip),4);
#define OT_SETPORT( peer, port ) memmove(((ot_byte*)peer)+4,(port),2);
#define OT_FLAG(peer) (((ot_byte*)(peer))[6])
#define OT_PEER_COMPARE_SIZE ((size_t)6)
#define OT_HASH_COMPARE_SIZE (sizeof(ot_hash))
struct ot_peerlist;
typedef struct ot_peerlist ot_peerlist;
typedef struct {
ot_hash hash;
ot_peerlist *peer_list;
} ot_torrent;
#include "ot_vector.h"
struct ot_peerlist {
ot_time base;
size_t seed_count;
size_t peer_count;
size_t down_count;
size_t seed_counts[ OT_POOLS_COUNT ];
ot_vector peers[ OT_POOLS_COUNT ];
ot_vector changeset;
Exported functions
#define WANT_TRACKER_SYNC_PARAM( param ) , param
#define WANT_TRACKER_SYNC_PARAM( param )
int trackerlogic_init( const char * const serverdir );
void trackerlogic_deinit( void );
ot_torrent *add_peer_to_torrent( ot_hash *hash, ot_peer *peer WANT_TRACKER_SYNC_PARAM( int from_changeset ) );
size_t remove_peer_from_torrent( ot_hash *hash, ot_peer *peer, char *reply, int is_tcp );
size_t return_peers_for_torrent( ot_hash *hash, size_t amount, char *reply, int is_tcp );
size_t return_fullscrape_for_tracker( char **reply );
size_t return_tcp_scrape_for_torrent( ot_hash *hash, int amount, char *reply );
size_t return_udp_scrape_for_torrent( ot_hash *hash, char *reply );
void clean_all_torrents( void );
#if defined ( WANT_BLACKLISTING ) || defined ( WANT_CLOSED_TRACKER )
int accesslist_addentry( ot_hash *hash );
void accesslist_reset( void );
/* Helper, before it moves to its own object */
void fix_mmapallocation( void *buf, size_t old_alloc, size_t new_alloc );
void free_peerlist( ot_peerlist *peer_list );