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Dirk Engling 0c15779d39 Some clients even send plain : in their requests 2007-03-03 02:10:52 +00:00
Makefile We now answer as soon as the first \n is seen 2007-01-29 02:02:03 +00:00
README account downloaded before early returns 2007-01-27 16:06:13 +00:00
README_v6 account downloaded before early returns 2007-01-27 16:06:13 +00:00
opentracker.c zero copy sockets do only work on page aligned buffers for page sized blocks. So remove the code that tried to take advantage of false assuming, it would work on any buffer 2007-02-03 16:19:59 +00:00
scan_urlencoded_query.c Some clients even send plain : in their requests 2007-03-03 02:10:52 +00:00
scan_urlencoded_query.h Use signed size_t wherever appropriate 2007-01-31 09:50:46 +00:00 -m64 is not usually a correct compile option 2007-01-20 01:50:28 +00:00
trackerlogic.c stupid mistake in remove torrent call 2007-03-02 02:23:03 +00:00
trackerlogic.h increased the interval random variation 2007-02-02 23:37:28 +00:00


This is opentracker. An open bittorrent tracker.

You need libowfat (

Steps to go:

tar xjf libowfat-0.25.tar.bz2
cd libowfat
cd ..
tar xjf opentracker-1.0.tar.bz2
cd opentracker-1.0

This tracker is open in a sense that everyone announcing a torrent is welcome to do so and will be informed about anyone else announcing the same torrent. Unless
-DWANT_IP_FROM_QUERY_STRING is enabled (which is meant for debugging purposes only), only source IPs are accepted. The tracker implements a minimal set of
essential features only but was able respond to far more than 10000 requests per second on a Sun Fire 2200 M2 (thats where we found no more clients able to fire
more of our script).

Some tweaks you may want to try under FreeBSD:

sysctl kern.ipc.somaxconn=1024
sysctl kern.ipc.nmbclusters=32768
sysctl net.inet.tcp.msl=10000
sysctl kern.maxfiles=10240

License information:

Although the libowfat library is under GPL, Felix von Leitner aggreed that the compiled binary may be distributed under the same beer ware license as the source code for opentracker. However, we like to hear from happy customers.