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  1. /* This software was written by Dirk Engling <>
  2. It is considered beerware. Prost. Skol. Cheers or whatever.
  3. $id$ */
  4. #ifndef OT_IOVEC_H__
  5. #define OT_IOVEC_H__
  6. #include <sys/uio.h>
  7. void *iovec_increase( int *iovec_entries, struct iovec **iovector, size_t new_alloc );
  8. void iovec_fixlast( int *iovec_entries, struct iovec **iovector, void *last_ptr );
  9. void iovec_free( int *iovec_entries, struct iovec **iovector );
  10. size_t iovec_length( int *iovec_entries, struct iovec **iovector );
  11. void *iovec_fix_increase_or_free( int *iovec_entries, struct iovec **iovector, void *last_ptr, size_t new_alloc );
  12. #endif