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Dirk Engling 62c528e88c I accidently put space on the list of non-terminating characters... 2007-10-23 00:44:22 +00:00
Dirk Engling 7075730766 some clients chose to accidently send negative numwants 2007-10-23 00:39:15 +00:00
Dirk Engling d751f98e29 Be really relaxed now about what to accept in values... 2007-10-23 00:27:00 +00:00
Dirk Engling 0f6628b7f8 Allow @ in values. This seems to fix some clients 2007-10-23 00:22:50 +00:00
Dirk Engling 20373192a4 Allow = in values. This seems to fix some clients 2007-10-23 00:20:05 +00:00
Dirk Engling 2c3b4e3de7 Save a lot of work when skipping through uninteresting http request parameters 2007-10-18 23:33:07 +00:00
Dirk Engling 91d3e4b6ef Make fromhex() even faster 2007-10-18 11:50:54 +00:00
Dirk Engling cc78f4d304 fixed one performance bug, where "skipping values from a &param=values pair" was requested, the requestor ended up with "values" to be parsed again.
improved performance of fromhex
improved performance of is_unreserved() by moving it all into a simple byte array
improved performance of %41 => 'A' conversion by reordering variables
2007-10-18 00:21:22 +00:00
Dirk Engling 20635e3544 New Makefile, incorporated some patches sent to me by Robin H. Johnson 2007-04-03 11:08:17 +00:00
Dirk Engling 0c15779d39 Some clients even send plain : in their requests 2007-03-03 02:10:52 +00:00
Dirk Engling 158ce4d616 Use signed size_t wherever appropriate 2007-01-31 09:50:46 +00:00
Dirk Engling 342e3a25c0 account downloaded before early returns 2007-01-27 16:06:13 +00:00
Dirk Engling f06e1f0acb Allowing more relaxed parsing of queries 2007-01-24 21:49:41 +00:00
Dirk Engling a24a9eb3ca Do not write, if no string is passed 2007-01-24 21:18:42 +00:00
Denis Ahrens ae6ef2bf12 support for questionmark in URL behind the initial one 2007-01-24 21:12:05 +00:00
Dirk Engling 34977efa22 Now allow * in torrents 2007-01-22 02:41:09 +00:00
Dirk Engling afa05fad96 Documentation improved, some reindenting (again), variable types checked, unnecessary defines removed 2007-01-11 01:06:10 +00:00
Dirk Engling a3ac795bec README\! 2007-01-05 00:00:41 +00:00
Dirk Engling aa444b6e18 Added option to get ip from query string + parser, fixed two bugs concerning grow/shrink of vectors. Now cleans up a torrent BEFORE trying to remove a peer -> this may remove peer already and must be done anyway. 2007-01-03 05:11:48 +00:00
Dirk Engling 7d1d51cc05 Now actually seems to work for the most parts
Added scraping
Added graceful disconnect
2006-12-14 02:44:50 +00:00
Dirk Engling 39c23f5f71 Fixed parser 2006-12-09 12:50:42 +00:00
Dirk Engling cc8c0a1df8 Some syntax errors removed 2006-12-08 20:28:17 +00:00
Dirk Engling d6b963d80a Our scanner routine for the URI query string 2006-12-08 19:20:51 +00:00