561 Commits (914e0ac3020b7c842f2a1fd975217f70fa705449)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  erdgeist 914e0ac302 Add functionality to distribute udp to several workers 9 years ago
  erdgeist ae413a675b undo last change, it did not work well 9 years ago
  erdgeist 8bf40b6717 fix tiny issue 9 years ago
  erdgeist 09f1234aa9 fix prototype 9 years ago
  erdgeist 1af67bab1d Try to act upon all udp packets at once 9 years ago
  denis 1968f47d74 silenced some clang warnings 10 years ago
  erdgeist 85df3dbc01 Open syslog connection before dropping privileges 10 years ago
  erdgeist 09adf4a9e1 Prevent infinite loop if whitelist ends in several returns 11 years ago
  erdgeist 216447492a Chomp all trailing space characters, including new lines, when parsing the config file 11 years ago
  erdgeist aae0227ee6 Load state only after initialising all structs. Thanks to Michael S. Combs for pointing out the buf 11 years ago
  erdgeist 894bd4625f Stop sending tracker id with every packet 11 years ago
  erdgeist 470a690e0d Don't only walk through outgoing connections to search for connected peers 11 years ago
  erdgeist 4b3189eb44 Address reconnecting issues 11 years ago
  erdgeist 3e30fa32aa Fixed sync loss bug 11 years ago
  erdgeist 4fe2f35595 Looking into pointer arithmetics issue 11 years ago
  erdgeist 9cfab8dbc6 tidy up peer count parser code 11 years ago
  erdgeist c8d1ae0468 Fix encoding of peer count in proxy sync packet 11 years ago
  erdgeist c005b42be4 enable proxy.debug target 11 years ago
  erdgeist 8d025a1745 Tidy up sync proxy code 11 years ago
  erdgeist 730d4bb6ae Reset http request input array on error case 11 years ago
  erdgeist a75c824187 the keep-alive loop must not run, if no keep alive is configured or requested for connection 11 years ago
  erdgeist 426c5f30c2 We have been too overly cautious not to read beyond the boundary. 11 years ago
  erdgeist 3636be6cc7 Make whitelist parser more robust against comments. I assumed perfectly arranged white lists until now 11 years ago
  erdgeist d42bf5a031 ** struct ot_workstruct gets ritcher (and will become even ritcher soon). 11 years ago
  erdgeist ae9ab76941 Get rid of SYNC_SCRAPE madness. It's overkill and no one uses it. 11 years ago
  erdgeist 3baa1abc56 Fix white spaces 11 years ago
  erdgeist 66cda4bc75 Add our own time stamps to the completed logs. 11 years ago
  erdgeist 85e6880233 Make opentracker's user runtime configurable. Also add more debug output to aid finding problems. 11 years ago
  erdgeist fc48cbed01 Fix segfault in stats?mode=everything, an additional errorcode was not commited to ot_stats 11 years ago
  erdgeist a1eec929a1 Only chroot if -d option or tracker.rootdir are set 11 years ago
  erdgeist a7cd2084df Fixed including another error message 12 years ago
  erdgeist f3c0359876 Make header parsing more efficient, prepare multithreading and keep-alive. 12 years ago
  erdgeist 90e7262d9d Preparing more efficient header parsing 12 years ago
  erdgeist 1665c54179 prevent infinite loop when looking for X-Forwarded-For: Headers 12 years ago
  erdgeist f4409df68a Allow logging of completed events to syslog 12 years ago
  erdgeist b1bf030f92 Fixed parser error for v6 addresses 12 years ago
  erdgeist 48f67314b6 Should not report sync scrape packets in stderr 12 years ago
  erdgeist c27631e516 Reenable statedump 12 years ago
  erdgeist 9d4f0e66d0 Need to compile sources for proxy 12 years ago
  erdgeist 7f3b66b9af Add source files to proxy project 12 years ago
  erdgeist 9be794395f v6 works since january 12 years ago
  erdgeist 9eb860f041 Log successful incoming connections 12 years ago
  erdgeist 9cced7eb88 Report connection duplication 12 years ago
  erdgeist ed1673eb10 Network connection code seems to be working now 12 years ago
  erdgeist cde8cf0559 Network handling code skeleton stands, is untested and no configure code there, yet. 12 years ago
  erdgeist 5168a3314c Reaching completion soon 12 years ago
  erdgeist 21b5baf0c1 Update project to use 10.6 CLang by default. 12 years ago
  erdgeist 26bf39da89 #define closed too early 12 years ago
  erdgeist 0bf88427c6 Add spotting woodpeckers, thanks to Vasya P. again 12 years ago
  erdgeist c76814cfec Going to the forest, spotting woodpeckers 12 years ago