7 Commits (7e2bef9bf77d101e10f0f0ec38b014814177f7e3)

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  denis 7d36ea2732 new flag to enforce gzip even if client did not request it 8 years ago
  erdgeist 21b5baf0c1 Update project to use 10.6 CLang by default. 11 years ago
  erdgeist 334c6e4bbb The BIG refactoring [tm]. Too many changes to count them. If it doesn't suite you, revert to last version. 12 years ago
  erdgeist e534db03c6 added live sync code 12 years ago
  erdgeist c28cf398fd Introduce some kind of versioning 13 years ago
  erdgeist 0fe76f811b Reflect changes for ot_http.* in project file 13 years ago
  erdgeist 89056078cb XCode-Project. Note: This is PPC only, x86 must be enabled 13 years ago