592 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dirk Engling e52170435f sync with git 3 years ago
  git f3471b7667 Forgot to include one error code. Thanks to Lars Seipel 5 years ago
  git 5948ee5986 dont count scrapes as full scrapes, fall through fail 5 years ago
  git c12b0059b7 Accept was counted twice 5 years ago
  git 77a4921b25 Add missing enum value. Thanks to zhangdongmao 5 years ago
  git 9b3eef571a Increase number of locks to accomodate for more cores on contemporary CPUs 5 years ago
  git 7392077f69 Avoid reacting to our own error packets, should the happen to end up on our interface with a spoofed source IP. Thanks to zorun. 5 years ago
  git e276eb1aea Fix typo in stat reporting, use udp and not tcp counter. Thanks to zebulon 5 years ago
  git e462e3dfa2 Protect static data by mutex 6 years ago
  git 9e0443a3a6 Only kick off udp handlers, when everything is initialised 6 years ago
  git 5018d4e478 Initialise all values of aes key 6 years ago
  Dirk Engling 1ffaa98783 Fix immediate overwrite in the X-forwarded-for passing case. Thanks to Alexander Luetjen. 7 years ago
  Dirk Engling 6490d4bc5c Fix spelling error ;) 7 years ago
  Dirk Engling 4d9fd27746 Dont make srandomdev the default, it exists only in BSDs 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling f8ebe3e7c8 Make woodpecker spotting more usable by adjusting count every 2 minutes 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling d010868308 Calculate the old hash for the ip address only, when the current one mismatches 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 7429d85457 Dont ruin the srandomdev initialisation in trackerlogic's init 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling f520745f4d Forgot variable declaration 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 8fdb3dcaee reduce zlib warnings to when there really is something failing 8 years ago
  Denis Ahrens 4eec224a39 new flag to enforce gzip even if client did not request it 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling ed90dee313 Add rijndael to version report 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 2d1c653f20 Remove debug info 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 9bf6cdb058 Report connection id missmatch count 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling c1414b707f udp now generates a cryptographically secure token for connecting clients. This is later verified. 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 1bbbeb8db3 Init prng before udp code needs it. 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 833620b834 Add connection id missmatch code 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 2391244772 Adding rijndael code for udp connection id calculation 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling a83149f5ca Do not always grow the vector, shrink the first iovec to 0 before filling the second one 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling eec07fba97 Need more space for top100 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 2a92a70321 Add a top100 for most popular torrents 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 0a45984246 Add functionality to distribute udp to several workers 8 years ago
  Dirk Engling 34b53c9282 undo last change, it did not work well 9 years ago
  Dirk Engling b252679b25 fix tiny issue 9 years ago
  Dirk Engling 648222e478 fix prototype 9 years ago
  Dirk Engling a3de74bdd4 Try to act upon all udp packets at once 9 years ago
  Denis Ahrens 93ce452158 silenced some clang warnings 9 years ago
  Dirk Engling 731ff55b65 Open syslog connection before dropping privileges 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 0c4eb869da Prevent infinite loop if whitelist ends in several returns 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 8e6487797a Chomp all trailing space characters, including new lines, when parsing the config file 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling a5606ae535 Load state only after initialising all structs. Thanks to Michael S. Combs for pointing out the buf 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 9082b56ee6 Stop sending tracker id with every packet 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling f2c4ef24c3 Don't only walk through outgoing connections to search for connected peers 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 57bcf69217 Address reconnecting issues 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling bb8439c69d Fixed sync loss bug 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 11841dc77e Looking into pointer arithmetics issue 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling ee7dc229d0 tidy up peer count parser code 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 1f17fe9d3b Fix encoding of peer count in proxy sync packet 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling dd56b16d0c enable proxy.debug target 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 63200596d2 Tidy up sync proxy code 10 years ago
  Dirk Engling 2182587414 Reset http request input array on error case 10 years ago