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#ifndef __TRACKERLOGIC_H__
#define __TRACKERLOGIC_H__
#include <sys/types.h>
/* Should be called BYTE, WORD, DWORD - but some OSs already have that and there's no #iftypedef */
/* They mark memory used as data instead of integer or human readable string -
they should be cast before used as integer/text */
typedef unsigned char ot_byte;
typedef unsigned short ot_word;
typedef unsigned long ot_dword;
typedef unsigned long ot_time;
typedef ot_byte ot_hash[20];
typedef ot_byte ot_ip[ 4/*0*/ ];
// tunables
static const unsigned long OT_TIMEOUT = 2700;
static const unsigned long OT_HUGE_FILESIZE = 1024*1024*256; // Thats 256MB per file, enough for 204800 peers of 128 bytes
// We will not service v6, yes
#define MEMMOVE memmove
#define BZERO bzero
#define FORMAT_FIXED_STRING sprintf
#define FORMAT_FORMAT_STRING sprintf
#define BINARY_FIND binary_search
#define NOW time(NULL)
typedef struct ot_peer {
ot_hash id;
ot_hash key;
ot_ip ip;
ot_word port;
ot_time death;
ot_byte flags;
} *ot_peer;
static const ot_byte PEER_FLAG_SEEDING = 0x80;
static const ot_byte PEER_IP_LENGTH_MASK = 0x3f;
typedef struct {
ot_hash hash;
ot_peer peer_list;
unsigned long peer_count;
unsigned long seed_count;
} *ot_torrent;
void *map_file( char *file_name );
void unmap_file( char *file_name, void *map, unsigned long real_size );
// This behaves quite like bsearch but allows to find
// the insertion point for inserts after unsuccessful searches
// in this case exactmatch is 0 on exit
void *binary_search( const void *key, const void *base,
const unsigned long member_count, const unsigned long member_size,
int (*compar) (const void *, const void *),
int *exactmatch );
// Exported functions
int init_logic( char *chdir_directory );
void deinit_logic( );
ot_torrent add_peer_to_torrent( ot_hash *hash, ot_peer peer );
size_t return_peers_for_torrent( ot_torrent torrent, unsigned long amount, char *reply );
void heal_torrent( ot_torrent torrent );