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  1. 0.21:
  2. errno cleanup and man page updates (Rolf Eike Beer)
  3. implement iob_prefetch with madvise MADV_WILLNEED if it's defined
  4. extend API To read line/token to stralloc to allow clearing the
  5. stralloc first.
  6. add stralloc_zero to clear a stralloc
  7. add buffer_putsflush
  8. add stralloc_catm and stralloc_copym
  9. add buffer_putm and buffer_putmflush
  10. 0.20:
  11. add errmsg API
  12. work around broken Linux sendfile API (offset 64-bit but count 32-bit)
  13. add io_appendfile, io_readwritefile
  14. support ip6.arpa in addition to ip6.int in dns_name (adds one
  15. parameter to dns_name6_domain and two constants in dns.h)
  16. Solaris compatibility for io_passfd and io_receivefd
  17. 0.19.2:
  18. for some reason, a botched dependency slipped in the the Makefile
  19. 0.19.1:
  20. oops, I botched havealloca.h, which was not generated but static
  21. Now it is generated.
  22. 0.19:
  23. add io_socketpair
  24. add io_passfd and io_receivefd (and test/fdpassing.c)
  25. io_trywrite and io_waitwrite not ignore SIGPIPE
  26. add man pages for libio, safemult
  27. fix possible signal race in io_tryread and io_trywrite (Scott Lamb)
  28. fix byte_rchr return value (Marcus Winkler)
  29. fix bug in mmap code path of io_sendfile (David Leadbeater)
  30. 0.18:
  31. make libowfat compile on BSD again (sorry, and thanks to everyone who
  32. sent me a patch :-D)
  33. add iob_addfile_close, needed for gatling 0.5+
  34. add test/client and test/server, two simple TCP shell interfaces
  35. 0.17:
  36. add Linux SIGIO support to IO
  37. expand IO api to be able to cope with edge triggered event
  38. notification: introduce io_eagain
  39. the integer scan routines should only write *dest if they actually
  40. scanned something
  41. io_sendfile and iob_send should return -1 to -3 just like io_trywrite
  42. make io_waituntil actually take an "until", not a "how long"
  43. turns out that BSD kqueue is actually Free/OpenBSD kqueue -- NetBSD
  44. doesn't have it. That means I'll need some adaptive two-threads-
  45. running-poll approach to get C10k type scalability on NetBSD :-(
  46. turns out that BSD sendfile is actually FreeBSD sendfile -- neither
  47. OpenBSD nor NetBSD have it (as of 3.4 and 1.6.1). That means I'll
  48. need to try using mmap on OpenBSD and NetBSD to get zero-copy TCP.
  49. guard against same event being signalled twice (confused our list
  50. handling)
  51. add support for Solaris /dev/poll
  52. add lose32 support (broken, please don't use!)
  53. head -1 -> head -n 1
  54. apending 0 bytes to an empty array would fail it
  55. remove socket_sendfile now that we have io_sendfile
  56. break out alloca #include dependency into havealloca.h
  57. support HP-UX sendfile64 (thanks to Rolf Eike Beer)
  58. support Solaris sendfile64
  59. support MacOS X sendfile (and comment it out again, the headers
  60. declare it but it's not actually there) (thanks to Bernhard Schmidt)
  61. support AIX 5 (thanks to Lutz Chwala and Arthur Erhardt)
  62. fix ip6_fmt (martin paljak)
  63. 0.16:
  64. add buffer_fromsa (make buffer from stralloc)
  65. add API for integer multiply with overflow detection
  66. change length counters from int to long for 64-bit platforms
  67. add array API from http://cr.yp.to/lib/array.html
  68. oops, had a declaration and man page for taia_addsec but not the
  69. function itself
  70. add buffer functions to write strerror(errno)
  71. add io API supporting poll, epoll and kqueue
  72. remove obsolete "extern" from header files
  73. add iob API to send several buffers and files in one batch
  74. 0.15:
  75. man page update (document stralloc return values)
  76. add stralloc_chop and stralloc_chomp
  77. add buffer_putsa, buffer_get_token_sa and buffer_getline_sa
  78. extended uudecode test. See comment at top for details.
  79. fix #include in ndelay*.3 (Hynek Schlawack)
  80. add stralloc_diff and stralloc_diffs (my invention)
  81. scan_ip6 returned 1 for "::" (Uwe Ohse)
  82. add el-cheapo MIME decoding to test/uudecode
  83. make install forgot to install ndelay.h
  84. fix typos in several man pages (Hynek Schlawack)
  85. add stralloc versions of textcode API (Kai Ruemmler)
  86. add html to textcode ('<' to '&lt;' etc)
  87. add fmt_human and fmt_humank (format numbers ala ls -H/-h)
  88. add fmt_httpdate and scan_httpdate
  89. fix typo breaking buffer_GETC in buffer (Marcus Winkler)
  90. fix typo breaking fmt_long for dest==NULL
  91. add fmt_*longlong()
  92. add range check to scan_ulong, scan_ulonglong, scan_uint and
  93. scan_ushort
  94. extended socket API; you can now pass NULL for results you don't want
  95. rename Makefile to GNUmakefile; create Makefile target
  96. add buffer_get_token_pred and buffer_get_token_sa_pred
  97. 0.14:
  98. avoid bus errors in byte_copy
  99. byte_rchr was completely broken
  100. add case, iopause, tai, taia, openreadclose and ipv6-enhanced dns
  101. 0.13:
  102. fixed several bugs in test/uudecode.c
  103. add uninstall target
  104. add uint16_read API like the uint32_read one
  105. add buffer_putnlflush
  106. lots of general clean-ups from Jukka Zitting:
  107. add FMT_LONG to fmt.h (FMT_ULONG plus 1 for sign)
  108. fmt_strn did not work for out==NULL
  109. fix inconsistencies in man pages
  110. make scan_urlencode do the '+' -> ' ' transformation
  111. 0.12:
  112. add textcode api for uuencode/uudecode, base64, quoted printable,
  113. url-encoding and yenc.
  114. 0.11:
  115. fix fmt_long (didn't count the '-'), which in turn broke
  116. buffer_putlong
  117. referenced wrong include file in stralloc_ready and stralloc_readyplus
  118. man page.
  119. 0.10:
  120. add comment to stralloc.h that explains the structure (Markus Brischke)
  121. fix socket routines (two cut-and-paste errors)
  122. 0.9:
  123. fmt_str did not check for out==NULL! Thanks, Uwe Ohse.
  124. Updated to buffer to fix read buffers. Thanks, David Lichteblau.
  125. Oops! byte_copy had a trivial and dumb typo in it that I'm unsure how
  126. I could have missed it.
  127. add mmap man pages.
  128. update and add socket man pages.
  129. don't include str.h from fmt.h
  130. document error signalling for the mmap functions.
  131. 0.8:
  132. BSD compatibility.
  133. fix mmap_shared.
  134. ranlib.
  136. 0.7:
  137. add buffer_putspace
  138. fix b0read prototype in buffer/buffer_0*
  139. scan_ip6 will not transparently scan IPv4 addresses and save them as
  140. v4-mapped addresses (::ffff:
  141. byte_copy was sped up (but made larger in the process)
  142. 0.6:
  143. changed name to libowfat.
  144. fixed fmt_ulong (did not output 0 correctly).
  145. added buffer.
  146. extended buffer API to include buffer_putulong() and friends.
  147. oops, the read buffering was completely broken!
  148. add mmap library (idea from Ingo Oeser)
  149. 0.5:
  150. made subdirectories for the different libraries.
  151. moved the sources into the corresponding subdirectory.
  152. imported my man pages from libdjb.
  153. removed fmt_int.c and fmt_uint.c (they are macros in fmt.h).
  154. corrected comment in open.h for open_excl.
  155. wrote new man pages for fmt_double, scan_double, the sign fmt_ and
  156. scan_ routines, the whitespace and charset scan_ routines, and the
  157. str and stralloc routines.
  158. 0.4:
  159. implemented stralloc.
  160. 0.3:
  161. implemented uint16, uint32 and uint64. The header files try to
  162. define shortcut endianness conversion routines that do not convert
  163. anything.
  164. implemented open (I hope I got open_excl right, I couldn't find an
  165. implementationen).
  166. 0.2:
  167. implemented the scan, fmt and str interfaces.
  168. added adapted fmt_double and scan_double from diet libc.
  169. 0.1:
  170. initial release.
  171. implemented the byte interface.