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.TH io_waituntil 3
io_waituntil \- wait for events
.B #include <io.h>
void \fBio_waituntil\fP(tai6464 t);
io_waituntil(t) is like io_wait() but does not wait (noticeably) past time \fIt\fR.
Depending on the underlying operating system primitive, there is a
potential race condition to be aware of. Some event notification
mechanisms (for example, kqueue on BSD and epoll on Linux) will return
multiple events. If your application operates on pairs of file
descriptors (a proxy server maybe), and an error on one descriptor
can lead to closing the other descriptor, then an outstanding event on
the other descriptor can still be queued for delivery to you. Be
prepared to receive events for a descriptor that has already been
io_wait(3), io_check(3), io_wantread(3), io_wantwrite(3), io_fd(3)