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.TH scan_ldapescape 3
scan_ldapescape \- parse LDIF escaped string
.B #include <libowfat/textcode.h>
size_t \fBscan_ldapescape\fP(const char *\fIsrc\fR,char *\fIdest\fR,size_t* \fIdestlen\fR);
scan_ldapescape parses LDIF escaped text from src into dest.
Parsing stops at the 0 terminator or invalid input characters.
This function will turn backslash escaped characters into their binary
equivalent, i.e. \0a to new-line and \5c to backslash.
scan_cescape will then write the number of bytes in dest into *destlen,
and return the number of bytes decoded from src.
dest can be NULL. destlen can be NULL.
To make sure dest is large enough, either allocate strlen(src)+1 bytes
or call scan_ldapescape twice, the first time with dest == NULL (*destlen
will still be written).
scan_ldapescape returns the number of bytes successfully parsed
from src.
scan_ldapescape("test\5C\\");",buf,&i) -> return 7, i=5, buf="test\\" (C notation).
fmt_ldapescape(3), scan_cescape(3), scan_ldapescape(3)