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  1. .TH stralloc_catm 3
  2. .SH NAME
  3. stralloc_catm \- append string(s) to a stralloc
  5. .B #include <stralloc.h>
  6. int \fBstralloc_catm\fP(stralloc* \fIsa\fR,const char* \fIs\fR, ...);
  8. stralloc_catm appends \\0-terminated strings from \fIs\fR... to the
  9. end of the string stored in \fIsa\fR, allocating space if necessary, and
  10. returns 1. If \fIsa\fR is unallocated, stralloc_catm is the same as
  11. stralloc_copym.
  12. If it runs out of memory, stralloc_catm returns 0. At that point, it
  13. may already have copied a few of the strings to sa.
  15. 1 for success, 0 on memory allocation failure.
  16. .SH "SEE ALSO"
  17. stralloc_copym(3)