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  1. 0.12:
  2. add textcode api for uuencode/uudecode, base64, quoted printable,
  3. url-encoding and yenc.
  4. 0.11:
  5. fix fmt_long (didn't count the '-'), which in turn broke
  6. buffer_putlong
  7. referenced wrong include file in stralloc_ready and stralloc_readyplus
  8. man page.
  9. 0.10:
  10. add comment to stralloc.h that explains the structure (Markus Brischke)
  11. fix socket routines (two cut-and-paste errors)
  12. 0.9:
  13. fmt_str did not check for out==NULL! Thanks, Uwe Ohse.
  14. Updated to buffer to fix read buffers. Thanks, David Lichteblau.
  15. Oops! byte_copy had a trivial and dumb typo in it that I'm unsure how
  16. I could have missed it.
  17. add mmap man pages.
  18. update and add socket man pages.
  19. don't include str.h from fmt.h
  20. document error signalling for the mmap functions.
  21. 0.8:
  22. BSD compatibility.
  23. fix mmap_shared.
  24. ranlib.
  26. 0.7:
  27. add buffer_putspace
  28. fix b0read prototype in buffer/buffer_0*
  29. scan_ip6 will not transparently scan IPv4 addresses and save them as
  30. v4-mapped addresses (::ffff:
  31. byte_copy was sped up (but made larger in the process)
  32. 0.6:
  33. changed name to libowfat.
  34. fixed fmt_ulong (did not output 0 correctly).
  35. added buffer.
  36. extended buffer API to include buffer_putulong() and friends.
  37. oops, the read buffering was completely broken!
  38. add mmap library (idea from Ingo Oeser)
  39. 0.5:
  40. made subdirectories for the different libraries.
  41. moved the sources into the corresponding subdirectory.
  42. imported my man pages from libdjb.
  43. removed fmt_int.c and fmt_uint.c (they are macros in fmt.h).
  44. corrected comment in open.h for open_excl.
  45. wrote new man pages for fmt_double, scan_double, the sign fmt_ and
  46. scan_ routines, the whitespace and charset scan_ routines, and the
  47. str and stralloc routines.
  48. 0.4:
  49. implemented stralloc.
  50. 0.3:
  51. implemented uint16, uint32 and uint64. The header files try to
  52. define shortcut endianness conversion routines that do not convert
  53. anything.
  54. implemented open (I hope I got open_excl right, I couldn't find an
  55. implementationen).
  56. 0.2:
  57. implemented the scan, fmt and str interfaces.
  58. added adapted fmt_double and scan_double from diet libc.
  59. 0.1:
  60. initial release.
  61. implemented the byte interface.