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.TH critbit0_insert 3
critbit0_insert \- insert a string into a critbit tree
.B #include <critbit.h>
critbit0_tree cb = { 0 };
int \fBcritbit0_insert\fP(critbit0_tree* \fIcb\fR,const char* \fIstr\fR);
critbit0_insert attempts to insert a string into a critbit0 tree. For
this it does not insert a copy of the pointer but makes a copy of the
whole string.
If \fIstr\fR is already in \fIcb\fR, critbit0_insert returns 1.
If \fIstr\fR is not in \fIcb\fR, it is inserted and critbit0_insert
returns 2.
If there is a memory allocation failure on the way, critbit0_insert
leaves \fIcb\fR alone and returns 0.
2 if the key was inserted, 1 if it was already in cb, 0 on memory
allocation failure.