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.TH cdb_successor 3
cdb_successor \- find next record
.B #include <libowfat/cdb.h>
int cdb_successor(struct cdb *\fIc\fR,char *\fIkey\fR,unsigned long int \fIklen\fR);
\fBcdb_successor\fR finds the record that follows \fIkey\fR. If
\fIkey\fR is NULL, cdb_successor finds the first record.
\fBNOTE!\fR The database must not contain keys with more than one
associated record or this API will lead to infinite loops! Use
cdb_firstkey and cdb_nextkey instead.
You can use cdb_datapos or cdb_keypos to get \fIposition\fR and
cdb_datalen and cdb_keylen to get \fIlen\fR.
cdb_firstkey(3), cdb_nextkey(3)