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.TH openreadclose 3
openreadclose \- read a whole file into a stralloc
.B #include <openreadclose.h>
ssize_t \fBopenreadclose\fP(const char *\fIfilename\fR,
stralloc* \fIsa\fR,size_t \fIbufsize\fR);
openreadclose opens the file \fIfilename\fR for reading and reads the
whole content into the stralloc \fIsa\fR. The file is read in chunks of
\fIbufsize\fR bytes size. If everything worked fine, openreadclose
returns 1. If the file did not exist, openreadclose returns 0. On
every other error, openreadclose returns -1 and sets errno
open_read(3), readclose(3)