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  1. 0.9:
  2. fmt_str did not check for out==NULL! Thanks, Uwe Ohse.
  3. Updated to buffer to fix read buffers. Thanks, David Lichteblau.
  4. Oops! byte_copy had a trivial and dumb typo in it that I'm unsure how
  5. I could have missed it.
  6. add mmap man pages.
  7. update and add socket man pages.
  8. 0.8:
  9. BSD compatibility.
  10. fix mmap_shared.
  11. ranlib.
  13. 0.7:
  14. add buffer_putspace
  15. fix b0read prototype in buffer/buffer_0*
  16. scan_ip6 will not transparently scan IPv4 addresses and save them as
  17. v4-mapped addresses (::ffff:
  18. byte_copy was sped up (but made larger in the process)
  19. 0.6:
  20. changed name to libowfat.
  21. fixed fmt_ulong (did not output 0 correctly).
  22. added buffer.
  23. extended buffer API to include buffer_putulong() and friends.
  24. oops, the read buffering was completely broken!
  25. add mmap library (idea from Ingo Oeser)
  26. 0.5:
  27. made subdirectories for the different libraries.
  28. moved the sources into the corresponding subdirectory.
  29. imported my man pages from libdjb.
  30. removed fmt_int.c and fmt_uint.c (they are macros in fmt.h).
  31. corrected comment in open.h for open_excl.
  32. wrote new man pages for fmt_double, scan_double, the sign fmt_ and
  33. scan_ routines, the whitespace and charset scan_ routines, and the
  34. str and stralloc routines.
  35. 0.4:
  36. implemented stralloc.
  37. 0.3:
  38. implemented uint16, uint32 and uint64. The header files try to
  39. define shortcut endianness conversion routines that do not convert
  40. anything.
  41. implemented open (I hope I got open_excl right, I couldn't find an
  42. implementationen).
  43. 0.2:
  44. implemented the scan, fmt and str interfaces.
  45. added adapted fmt_double and scan_double from diet libc.
  46. 0.1:
  47. initial release.
  48. implemented the byte interface.