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.TH scan_urlencoded 3
scan_urlencoded \- decode urlencoded data
.B #include <libowfat/textcode.h>
size_t \fBscan_urlencoded\fP(const char *\fIsrc\fR,char *\fIdest\fR,size_t* \fIdestlen\fR);
scan_urlencoded decodes urlencoded data from src into dest.
Decoding stops when it encounters any invalid input characters (including ' ', '?' and '&').
It will then write the number of decoded bytes in dest into *destlen,
and return the number of bytes decoded from src.
Note that the plus character is handled differently depending on whether
we are encoding the query part or the path (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).
In "http://example.com/a+b?c+d", only the second plus can be decoded
as a space character. If you want + decoded to space, use
dest can be NULL. destlen can be NULL. dest can be src.
scan_urlencoded returns the number of bytes successfully scanned and
processed from src.
scan_urlencoded("foo%3ebar",buf,&i) -> return 9, i=7, buf="foo.bar"
scan_urlencoded("foo+bar",buf,&i) -> return 7, i=7, buf="foo+bar"
scan_urlencoded2("foo+bar",buf,&i) -> return 7, i=7, buf="foo bar"
scan_urlencoded2(3), scan_xlong(3), scan_8long(3), fmt_ulong(3)