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.TH array_cat 3
array_cat \- append one array to another
.B #include <array.h>
void \fBarray_cat\fP(array* \fIx\fR,array* \fIy\fR);
array \fIx\fR;
array \fIy\fR;
array_cat appends \fIy\fR to \fIx\fR; i.e., it changes \fIx\fR,
allocating more space if necessary, so that the initialized bytes in
\fIx\fR are the previously initialized bytes in \fIx\fR followed by a
copy of the initialized bytes in \fIy\fR.
If \fIx\fR has failed, array_cat has no effect.
If \fIy\fR has failed, array_cat switches \fIx\fR to have failed.
If not enough memory is available, array_cat switches \fIx\fR to have failed.
array_allocate(3), array_get(3), array_fail(3), array_reset(3),
array_catb(3), array_cats(3), array_cats0(3), array_cate(3)