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.TH buffer_get_token_sa 3
buffer_get_token_sa \- read token from buffer
.B #include <stralloc.h>
.B #include <buffer.h>
int \fBbuffer_get_token_sa\fP(buffer* \fIb\fR,stralloc* \fIsa\fR,
const char* \fIcharset\fR,size_t \fIsetlen\fR);
buffer_get_token_sa appends data from the \fIb\fR to \fIsa\fR until one
of the delimiters in \fIcharset\fR is found, NOT overwriting the
previous content of \fIsa\fR. That delimiter is also appended to
If reading from the buffer or allocating memory fails,
buffer_get_token_sa returns -1 and sets \fIerrno\fR appropriately. At
that point \fIsa\fR may already contain a partial token.
-1 on error (setting errno), 0 on EOF, 1 when successful.
buffer_get_token_sa appends instead of overwriting so it can be used on
non-blocking sockets (these signal error and set \fIerrno\fR to EAGAIN;
in this case you can simply call buffer_get_token_sa again when
\fBselect\fR or \fBpoll\fR indicate more data is available).
buffer_getline_sa(3), buffer_get_token(3), buffer(3)