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.TH scan_ldapescape 3
scan_ldapescape \- parse LDIF escaped string
.B #include <libowfat/textcode.h>
size_t \fBscan_ldapescape\fP(const char *\fIsrc\fR,char *\fIdest\fR,size_t* \fIdestlen\fR);
scan_ldapescape parses LDIF escaped text from src into dest.
Parsing stops at the 0 terminator or invalid input characters.
This function will turn backslash escaped characters into their binary
equivalent, i.e. \0a to new-line and \5c to backslash.
scan_cescape will then write the number of bytes in dest into *destlen,
and return the number of bytes decoded from src.
dest can be NULL. destlen can be NULL. dest can be src.
The decoded data need at most as much space as the encoded data used.
scan_ldapescape returns the number of bytes successfully parsed
from src.
scan_ldapescape("test\5C\\");",buf,&i) -> return 7, i=5, buf="test\\" (C notation).
fmt_ldapescape(3), scan_cescape(3), scan_ldapescape(3)