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4 Commits (7101c0522712e1acaa26a9ff5d2c0dde98666b55)

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Felix von Leitner 1d51476d07 don't use black list for urlencoding, use white list. 2003-09-29 01:12:36 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 640edc1651 remove special case stralloc textcode functions
write generic stralloc and array textcode wrapper functions
change textcode API to use long instead of int
add cescape fmt and scan functions to textcode
add fmt_foldwhitespace to textcode
2003-09-19 19:08:13 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 553e8d2593 add + to unsafe characters in fmt_urlencoded 2003-09-15 10:45:26 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 43b76447da add url encoding 2002-04-30 18:39:37 +00:00