5 Commits (33fcc42d09c20f9026619b564708b0d535589a84)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix von Leitner fd63810d89 try to catch malicious input in textcode fmt_* functions 16 years ago
Felix von Leitner 0698149baf switch to size_t and ssize_t 17 years ago
Felix von Leitner 1fc8c534a7 allow specifying more characters to encode for subset encoders (for
example, you can say that fmt_quotedprintable should also escape ':', if
you want to use ':' as separator in a data file.
18 years ago
Felix von Leitner 640edc1651 remove special case stralloc textcode functions
write generic stralloc and array textcode wrapper functions
change textcode API to use long instead of int
add cescape fmt and scan functions to textcode
add fmt_foldwhitespace to textcode
20 years ago
Felix von Leitner 5ad3f70fdd quoted unprintable 21 years ago