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  Felix von Leitner cf46170dc7 make headers work in C++ il y a 8 ans
  Felix von Leitner d702d06774 for installed header files, add comment saying where they came from il y a 10 ans
  Felix von Leitner 4653054e12 add -D_REENTRANT to CFLAGS so libowfat can be used in multi-threaded il y a 15 ans
  Felix von Leitner 6c4ad0514f remove warnings in tests il y a 16 ans
  Felix von Leitner 4c41a88194 add long long buffer routines il y a 17 ans
  Felix von Leitner bb3243fbe2 beginnings of the io library il y a 17 ans
  Felix von Leitner c4b0574495 change length or size specifiers in APIs from int to long il y a 17 ans
  Felix von Leitner 7a18b91761 add API for integer multiplication with overflow detection il y a 17 ans