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  1. .TH stralloc_catm 3
  2. .SH NAME
  3. stralloc_copym \- copy string(s) to a stralloc
  5. .B #include <stralloc.h>
  6. int \fBstralloc_copys\fP(stralloc* \fIsa\fR,const char* \fIs\fR, ...);
  8. stralloc_cats copies \\0-terminated strings from \fIs\fR... to \fIsa\fR,
  9. allocating space if necessary, and returns 1. If there is data in the
  10. \fIsa\fR, it is cleared first.
  11. If it runs out of memory, stralloc_copys returns 0. At that point, it
  12. may already have copied a few of the strings to sa.
  13. .SH "SEE ALSO"
  14. stralloc_copys(3)