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.TH stralloc_copyb 3
stralloc_copyb \- copy data into a stralloc
.B #include <stralloc.h>
extern int \fBstralloc_copyb\fP(stralloc* \fIsa\fR,const char* \fIbuf\fR,unsigned int \fIlen\fR);
stralloc_copyb makes sure that \fIsa\fR has enough space allocated to hold
\fIlen\fR bytes. Then it copies the first \fIlen\fR bytes from
\fIbuf\fR into the stralloc.
The data that \fIsa\fR previously contained is overwritten and truncated.
If stralloc_copys runs out of memory, stralloc_copys leaves \fIsa\fR
alone and return 0, otherwise it returns 1.