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  1. .TH fmt_double 3
  2. .SH NAME
  3. fmt_double \- write an ASCII representation of a double
  5. .B #include <fmt.h>
  6. size_t \fBfmt_double\fP(char *\fIdest\fR,double \fId\fR,size_t
  7. \fImaxlen\fR,size_t \fIprec\fR);
  9. fmt_double writes an ASCII representation ('0' to '9', base 10) of
  10. \fId\fR to \fIdest\fR and returns the number of bytes written. No more
  11. than \fImaxlen\fR bytes will be written. \fIprec\fR digits will be
  12. written, using scientific notation if necessary.
  13. fmt_double does not append \\0.
  14. If \fIdest\fR equals FMT_LEN (i.e. is zero), fmt_double returns the
  15. number of bytes it would have written.
  16. .SH "SEE ALSO"
  17. scan_double(3)