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.TH range_strinbuf 3
range_strinbuf \- range check for string in buffer
.B #include <rangecheck.h>
int \fBrange_strinbuf\fP(const void* buf,size_t len,const void* stringstart);
range_strinbuf checks that the ASCIIZ-string starting at
\fIstringstart\fR starts and ends within the buffer
If the string is not 0-terminated but the length is known beforehand,
use range_arrayinbuf instead.
If the buffer is implausible (buf is NULL or buf+len has an integer overflow), return 0.
If \fIstringstart\fR points before or after the buffer, return 0.
If there is no '\\0' within the buffer, return 0.
Otherwise, return 1.