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13 years ago
.TH iarray_init 3
iarray_init \- initialize iarray data structure
.B #include <libowfat/iarray.h>
13 years ago
void \fBiarray_init\fP(array* \fIx\fR, size_t \fIelemsize\fR);
iarray \fIx\fR;
int64 \fIpos\fR;
\fIt\fR* p = iarray_init(&\fIx\fR,sizeof(\fIelement\fR));
iarray_init initializes an iarray so that it can hold elements of size
\fIelemsize\fR. iarray_init does not actually allocate anything, so it
can not fail.
iarray_allocate(3), iarray_get(3), iarray_free(3)