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#include <byte.h>
#undef byte_starts
#include <string.h>
int byte_starts(const void* a,size_t alen,const char* s) {
size_t i;
for (i=0; i<alen; ++i) {
if (s[i]==0) return 1;
if (((const char*)a)[i] != s[i]) return 0;
return s[i]==0;
#include <assert.h>
int main() {
static char buf[]="The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
assert(byte_starts(buf,sizeof(buf)-1,"The "));
assert(!byte_starts(buf,sizeof(buf)-1,"the "));
assert(!byte_starts(buf,2,"The "));
assert(byte_starts("The ",4,"The "));