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#define VARx(type,name) VAR(name, type name)
VARx(ev_tstamp, now_floor) /* last time we refreshed rt_time */
VARx(ev_tstamp, mn_now) /* monotonic clock "now" */
VARx(ev_tstamp, rt_now)
VARx(ev_tstamp, rtmn_diff) /* difference realtime - monotonic time */
VARx(int, method)
VARx(ev_tstamp, method_fudge) /* assumed typical timer resolution */
VAR (method_modify, void (*method_modify)(EV_P_ int fd, int oev, int nev))
VAR (method_poll , void (*method_poll)(EV_P_ ev_tstamp timeout))
VARx(int, activecnt) /* number of active events */
VARx(unsigned char *, vec_ri)
VARx(unsigned char *, vec_ro)
VARx(unsigned char *, vec_wi)
VARx(unsigned char *, vec_wo)
VARx(int, vec_max)
VARx(struct pollfd *, polls)
VARx(int, pollmax)
VARx(int, pollcnt)
VARx(int *, pollidxs) /* maps fds into structure indices */
VARx(int, pollidxmax)
VARx(int, epoll_fd)
VARx(struct epoll_event *, epoll_events)
VARx(int, epoll_eventmax)
VARx(int, kqueue_fd)
VARx(struct kevent *, kqueue_changes)
VARx(int, kqueue_changemax)
VARx(int, kqueue_changecnt)
VARx(struct kevent *, kqueue_events)
VARx(int, kqueue_eventmax)
VARx(ANFD *, anfds)
VARx(int, anfdmax)
VAR (pendings, ANPENDING *pendings [NUMPRI])
VAR (pendingmax, int pendingmax [NUMPRI])
VAR (pendingcnt, int pendingcnt [NUMPRI])
VARx(int *, fdchanges)
VARx(int, fdchangemax)
VARx(int, fdchangecnt)
VARx(struct ev_timer **, timers)
VARx(int, timermax)
VARx(int, timercnt)
VARx(struct ev_periodic **, periodics)
VARx(int, periodicmax)
VARx(int, periodiccnt)
VARx(struct ev_idle **, idles)
VARx(int, idlemax)
VARx(int, idlecnt)
VARx(struct ev_prepare **, prepares)
VARx(int, preparemax)
VARx(int, preparecnt)
VARx(struct ev_check **, checks)
VARx(int, checkmax)
VARx(int, checkcnt)
VAR (childs, struct ev_child *childs [PID_HASHSIZE])
VARx(struct ev_signal, childev)
VARx(struct ev_io, sigev)
#undef VARx