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@ -794,9 +794,10 @@ Ref/unref can be used to add or remove a reference count on the event
loop: Every watcher keeps one reference, and as long as the reference
count is nonzero, C<ev_loop> will not return on its own.
If you have a watcher you never unregister that should not keep C<ev_loop>
from returning, call ev_unref() after starting, and ev_ref() before
stopping it.
This is useful when you have a watcher that you never intend to
unregister, but that nevertheless should not keep C<ev_loop> from
returning. In such a case, call C<ev_unref> after starting, and C<ev_ref>
before stopping it.
As an example, libev itself uses this for its internal signal pipe: It
is not visible to the libev user and should not keep C<ev_loop> from