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Fix typos spotted by μspell.

Emanuele Giaquinta 11 years ago
2 changed files with 4 additions and 4 deletions
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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ TODO: win32 write() to socket for signal handling
- do not use sscanf to parse linux version number (smaller, faster,
no sscanf dependency).
- new EV_CHILD_ENABLE and EV_SIGNAL_ENABLE configurable settings.
- update libev.m4 HAVE_CLOCK_SYSCALL test for newwer glibcs.
- update libev.m4 HAVE_CLOCK_SYSCALL test for newer glibcs.
- add section on accept() problems to the manpage.
- rename EV_TIMEOUT to EV_TIMER.
- remove loop_ name component from ev_loop_count/depth/verify.

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@ -1547,7 +1547,7 @@ somewhere, as that would have given you a big clue).
=head3 The special problem of accept()ing when you can't
Many implementations of the POSIX C<accept> function (for example,
found in port-2004 Linux) have the peculiar behaviour of not removing a
found in post-2004 Linux) have the peculiar behaviour of not removing a
connection from the pending queue in all error cases.
For example, larger servers often run out of file descriptors (because
@ -3666,7 +3666,7 @@ the absence of autoconf is documented for every option.
Symbols marked with "(h)" do not change the ABI, and can have different
values when compiling libev vs. including F<ev.h>, so it is permissible
to redefine them before including F<ev.h> without breakign compatibility
to redefine them before including F<ev.h> without breaking compatibility
to a compiled library. All other symbols change the ABI, which means all
users of libev and the libev code itself must be compiled with compatible
@ -4646,7 +4646,7 @@ removed in later versions of libev, so better update early than late.
Most functions working on C<struct ev_loop> objects don't have an
C<ev_loop_> prefix, so it was removed. Note that C<ev_loop_fork> is
still called C<ev_loop_fork> because it would otherwise clash with the
C<ev_frok> typedef.
C<ev_fork> typedef.
=item C<EV_TIMEOUT> renamed to C<EV_TIMER> in C<revents>