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Marc Alexander Lehmann 11 years ago
parent a7dbe8f365
commit ecdc59ca23

@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ TODO: EV_STANDALONE == NO_HASSEL (do not use clock_gettime in ev_standalone)
TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
TODO: dbeugging tips, ev_verify, ev_init twice
TODO: document the special problem of signals around fork.
TODO: ev_feed_child_event
- destroying a non-default loop would stop the global waitpid
watcher (Denis Bilenko).
@ -34,6 +35,8 @@ TODO: ev_feed_child_event
- chose socket vs. WSASocket at compiletime using EV_USE_WSASOCKET.
- always use WSASend/WSARecv directly on windows, hoping that this
works in all cases (unlike read/write/send/recv...).
- try to detect signals around a fork faster (test program by
Denis Bilenko).
4.11 Sat Feb 4 19:52:39 CET 2012
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: ev_timer_again now clears the pending status, as

@ -2552,8 +2552,8 @@ loop_fork (EV_P)
evpipe_init (EV_A);
/* now iterate over everything, in case we missed something */
pipecb (EV_A_ &pipe_w, EV_READ);
/* iterate over everything, in case we missed something before */
ev_feed_event (EV_A_ &pipe_w, EV_CUSTOM);