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<meta name="description" content="Pod documentation for libev" />
<meta name="inputfile" content="&lt;standard input&gt;" />
<meta name="outputfile" content="&lt;standard output&gt;" />
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@ -729,7 +729,7 @@ started. Otherwise an <code>ev_timer</code> watcher with after = <code>timeout</
repeat = 0) will be started. While <code>0</code> is a valid timeout, it is of
dubious value.</p>
<p>The callback has the type <code>void (*cb)(int revents, void *arg)</code> and gets
passed an events set like normal event callbacks (with a combination of
passed an <code>revents</code> set like normal event callbacks (a combination of
<code>EV_ERROR</code>, <code>EV_READ</code>, <code>EV_WRITE</code> or <code>EV_TIMEOUT</code>) and the <code>arg</code>
value passed to <code>ev_once</code>:</p>
<pre> static void stdin_ready (int revents, void *arg)