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@ -1085,6 +1085,8 @@ integer between C<EV_MAXPRI> (default: C<2>) and C<EV_MINPRI>
before watchers with lower priority, but priority will not keep watchers
from being executed (except for C<ev_idle> watchers).
See L<
This means that priorities are I<only> used for ordering callback
invocation after new events have been received. This is useful, for
example, to reduce latency after idling, or more often, to bind two
@ -1584,7 +1586,7 @@ If the timer is started but non-repeating, stop it (as if it timed out).
If the timer is repeating, either start it if necessary (with the
C<repeat> value), or reset the running timer to the C<repeat> value.
This sounds a bit complicated, see "Be smart about timeouts", above, for a
This sounds a bit complicated, see L<Be smart about timeouts>, above, for a
usage example.
=item ev_tstamp repeat [read-write]