udpate to 1.4.1-beta, doh

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Marc Alexander Lehmann 2008-01-28 12:47:02 +00:00
parent ca75b9e95c
commit 98d802caf4
1 changed files with 11 additions and 13 deletions

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@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ struct bufferevent *bufferevent_new(int fd,
int bufferevent_base_set(struct event_base *base, struct bufferevent *bufev);
int bufferevent_priority_set(struct bufferevent *bufev, int pri);
void bufferevent_free(struct bufferevent *bufev);
int bufferevent_write(struct bufferevent *bufev, void *data, size_t size);
int bufferevent_write(struct bufferevent *bufev, const void *data, size_t size);
int bufferevent_write_buffer(struct bufferevent *bufev, struct evbuffer *buf);
size_t bufferevent_read(struct bufferevent *bufev, void *data, size_t size);
int bufferevent_enable(struct bufferevent *bufev, short event);
@ -189,37 +189,35 @@ void evbuffer_setcb(struct evbuffer *, void (*)(struct evbuffer *, size_t, size_
void evtag_init(void);
void evtag_marshal(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t tag, const void *data,
void evtag_marshal(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t tag, const void *data,
uint32_t len);
void encode_int(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t number);
void evtag_marshal_int(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t tag, uint32_t integer);
void evtag_marshal_int(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t tag, uint32_t integer);
void evtag_marshal_string(struct evbuffer *buf, uint8_t tag,
void evtag_marshal_string(struct evbuffer *buf, uint32_t tag,
const char *string);
void evtag_marshal_timeval(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t tag,
void evtag_marshal_timeval(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t tag,
struct timeval *tv);
void evtag_test(void);
int evtag_unmarshal(struct evbuffer *src, uint8_t *ptag, struct evbuffer *dst);
int evtag_peek(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t *ptag);
int evtag_unmarshal(struct evbuffer *src, uint32_t *ptag, struct evbuffer *dst);
int evtag_peek(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t *ptag);
int evtag_peek_length(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t *plength);
int evtag_payload_length(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t *plength);
int evtag_consume(struct evbuffer *evbuf);
int evtag_unmarshal_int(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t need_tag,
int evtag_unmarshal_int(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t need_tag,
uint32_t *pinteger);
int evtag_unmarshal_fixed(struct evbuffer *src, uint8_t need_tag, void *data,
int evtag_unmarshal_fixed(struct evbuffer *src, uint32_t need_tag, void *data,
size_t len);
int evtag_unmarshal_string(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t need_tag,
int evtag_unmarshal_string(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t need_tag,
char **pstring);
int evtag_unmarshal_timeval(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint8_t need_tag,
int evtag_unmarshal_timeval(struct evbuffer *evbuf, uint32_t need_tag,
struct timeval *ptv);
#ifdef __cplusplus