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Marc Alexander Lehmann 12 years ago
parent 53ade7e6d2
commit 6b4cfc4b45

@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ TODO: include ev_xyz_start in each example?
on freebsd...).
- configure now prepends -O3, not appends it, so one can still
override it.
- greatly expanded the portability section.
- ev.pod: greatly expanded the portability section, added a porting
section, a description of watcher states and made lots of minor fixes.
- disable poll backend on AIX, the poll header spams the namespace
and it's not worth working around dead platforms (reported
and analyzed by Aivars Kalvans).
@ -37,7 +38,7 @@ TODO: include ev_xyz_start in each example?
- update libev.m4 HAVE_CLOCK_SYSCALL test for newer glibcs.
- add section on accept() problems to the manpage.
- rename EV_TIMEOUT to EV_TIMER.
- rename ev_loop_count/depth/verify.
- rename ev_loop_count/depth/verify/loop/unloop.
- switch to two-digit minor version.
- work around an apparent gentoo compiler bug.
- define _DARWIN_UNLIMITED_SELECT. just so.