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Marc Alexander Lehmann 11 years ago
parent 2f13947802
commit 59e44a788b

@ -5,7 +5,6 @@ TODO: EV_STANDALONE == NO_HASSEL (do not use clock_gettime in ev_standalone)
TODO: document WSA_EV_USE_SOCKET in win32 part
TODO: ^ OR use WSASend/WSARecv on the handle, which always works
TODO: assert on fd watcher linked list pointing to itself
TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
- queueing pending watchers of higher priority from a watcher now invokes
them in a timely fashion (reported by Denis Bilenko).


@ -2556,8 +2556,8 @@ void ecb_cold
ev_verify (EV_P) EV_THROW
int i;
WL w;
int i, j;
WL w, w2;
assert (activecnt >= -1);
@ -2566,10 +2566,15 @@ ev_verify (EV_P) EV_THROW
assert (("libev: negative fd in fdchanges", fdchanges [i] >= 0));
assert (anfdmax >= 0);
for (i = 0; i < anfdmax; ++i)
for (w = anfds [i].head; w; w = w->next)
for (i = j = 0; i < anfdmax; ++i)
for (w = w2 = anfds [i].head; w; w = w->next)
verify_watcher (EV_A_ (W)w);
if (++j & 1)
w2 = w2->next;
assert (("libev: io watcher list contains a loop", w != w2));
assert (("libev: inactive fd watcher on anfd list", ev_active (w) == 1));
assert (("libev: fd mismatch between watcher and anfd", ((ev_io *)w)->fd == i));
@ -3252,6 +3257,9 @@ ev_io_start (EV_P_ ev_io *w) EV_THROW
array_needsize (ANFD, anfds, anfdmax, fd + 1, array_init_zero);
wlist_add (&anfds[fd].head, (WL)w);
/* common bug, apparently */
assert (("libev: ev_io_start called with corrupted watcher", ((WL)w)->next != (WL)w));
fd_change (EV_A_ fd, w->events & EV__IOFDSET | EV_ANFD_REIFY);
w->events &= ~EV__IOFDSET;

@ -4240,6 +4240,14 @@ Brian Maher has written a partial interface to libev for lua (at the
time of this writing, only C<ev_io> and C<ev_timer>), to be found at
=item Javascript
Node.js (L<http://nodejs.org>) uses libev as the underlying event library.
=item Others
There are others, and I stopped counting.